Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why We Work

Linking up with The Life of Bon and The Daily Tay to talk about why My Beau and I work.....

We work because I think the man is the most gorgeous person on the planet and he loves my curves

We work because he makes me giggle everyday and I take away his tiredness by making him chuckle at my goofiness and rub eye cream on his eyelids

We work because we are always on the same team and we kick ass at quizzes

We work because I will sit and listen to him play guitar and he lets me sing along to tunes in the car (badly)

We work because he says every meal I make him is the best he's ever had and he will always pick my homemade food over going out for a meal. And I always think he is a rock star

We work because I see what a brilliant father he is to his children and he loves that I get on with them so well

We work because we both don't buy into the whole valentines day thing

We work because he lets me talk through everything I'm thinking, always, and I know what he's thinking even when he's not talking

We work because I listen to him rant about his tough day at work every evening on the phone and he will always text me back

We work because he calls me bumble and I play up to being bumble like in all I do

We work because we love spending time together - walking, eating, just being with one another. And we never run out of conversation

We work because after a long Sunday walk he runs me a bath and I make him chicken noodle soup when he is poorly

We work because we always try and be kind to one another. He calms my anger and I make him positive and stop him frowning

We work because he never fails to support me and is always there for me and I surprise him with birthday trips to Whitstable

We work because we make each other happier and we have enriched each others lives


We work because despite the fact that our situation should be difficult with lots of obstacles, falling in love with each other has been easy and our relationship just makes sense. He is the best man and he makes me want to try to be a better woman.

Happy Valentines Day - What makes your relationship work? Join in the link up or write your answers below