Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Healthy Weekday Meal #12.........Coconut Salmon Zoodles

My how I love spiralizing! So quick, so easy and so healthy!

Rewinding a bit, the past few months I feel that I have definitely lost my path on the whole healthy eating journey. I blame Italy, and Ice cream and pasta. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't totally frustrated with myself. I hate that I can be a bit of a quitter. So I decided that it's time to stop and start again. No fads, no gimmicks just healthy eating and exercise. I believe in me.

Back to spiralizing. It's great and no doubt in the coming months there will be many more zoodles and coodles and all the other things.......

Coconut Salmon Zoodles 

2 fillets salmon
1 tin coconut milk
3 tbsp Thai green curry paste 
200g prawns (optional)
1 tbsp coconut oil 
2 leeks finely sliced
3 courgettes, spiralized (or use a peeler to make ribbons if no spiralizer)
handful of soya beans 

season the salmon fillets. in a ovenproof dish mix the coconut milk and the curry paste and add in the salmon fillets and the prawns. put in moderately heated oven for approx 20 mins until the salmon is cooked (if your prawns are already cooked then add them in the last 5 minutes rather than at the beginning). in a pan heat the coconut oil and add the leeks, once they have softened add the courgette and soya beans. take the pan from the oven and add about half of the Thai sauce to the noodles and cook off for a few minutes. serve the salmon and prawns on a bed of the courgette noodles, leeks and soya beans. 

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

For when you've missed your kitchen......{Roasted Chicken Legs in White Wine Sauce}

My friends, its been a little while,. I have no excuse except maybe this little fellow

World meet Augustus Oberon affectionately known to all as Gus. He is a little monster but the most affectionate and lovely kitten ever. He rules the roost in our household already. I love him. 

It seems to be a while since I've got myself into my little kitchen. Then yesterday I used some of my flexi-time and left work early so I could go home and cook. And this is what I made. Very french in it's style and whilst its quite rich it actually is quite light in texture. It reminds me of the days when my friend Kate would make chicken in white wine for me and it was literally my favourite meal ever! 

Chicken Legs in White Wine and Mushroom Sauce 

4 chicken legs 
olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped 
100g mushrooms, sliced
200ml white wine 
250ml chicken stock 
couple of handfuls of frozen peas
75ml double cream
brown rice, to serve 

rub a little butter and olive oil onto each of the legs and season. place in a cast iron pan and roast in oven. once they are golden brown, remove from the pan leaving the juices and oils and then put the legs on a baking sheet and put them in an oven at a low heat to keep warm and finish cooking. with the pan with the juices, put on the heat and throw in the onions. cook until soft and translucent then add in the mushrooms. after a couple of minutes add in the wine, allow to cook of a bit and then add the stock. simmer for 10 minutes until its reduced by about half. add in the peas and cream and cook for another 10 minutes or so and then return the chicken legs to the pan for the final couple of minutes. serve with whatever you like! i went for brown rice.