Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bank Holiday Baking

I know, I know, I know that I have been rubbish at blogging recently I guess life has got in the way a bit. Ive spent the past week working like crazy and all my spare time dealing with my darling friends and their various dramas - which is fine, my role as supportive friend is one I'm both accustomed too and good at. I love them all very dearly, truly i do but it is sometimes exhausting and after such a busy and full week i have absolutely been craving my own time. So when I'm stressed and a bit overwhelmed from it all my favourite thing to is bake.....Now I'm not a natural baker by any stretch of the imagination - I like to be instinctive in my kitchen and I'm usually too impatient to bake. however when stressed and weary from life there's something instantly soothing and calming about measuring out lots ingredients and combining them to make little morsels of heaven - the chemistry of it all it makes life make sense again and peace is restored in my life (especially as I turn my phone off whilst I'm baking)!

Banana Bread (with a little twist)

2 large eggs (beaten together)
300g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
120g butter
100g caster sugar
Around 500g of bananas- mashed up (I use my hands because its strangely satisfying)
Some raspberries (i used around 200g of frozen fruit)

Preheat your oven at 180oC and brush a loaf tin with melted butter in preparation

I would say sift the flour in a bowl with the baking powder and salt but i don't own a sift (I'm 26 years old, buying a sift is low on my list of priorities) so just bung it all in a bowl together. Cream together your butter and sugar and then slowly add in the eggs. Your mixture will look a bit like scrambled eggs but trust me that's ok. mix in the mashed bananas and then gently fold in the flour a bit at a time. You don't want to overwork this just do this, just gently fold until its all incorporated. Stir in the raspberries gently (you could always add walnuts or blueberries or chocolate chips) and then dump it all in your loaf tin. Cook for around 45mins until its firm but a little moist! Viola -  perfect warm whilst enjoying peace and quiet and a cup of tea