Sunday, 22 January 2012

My very first shiny new blog

So, what do you do when you decide that you want to do more of what your passionate about?? You start a blog that's what.....
I absolutely love food..... I love talking about it, I love shopping for it, I love cooking it, eating it, sharing it, smelling it..... hell i just love it, its what I'm passionate about and it makes me tick. There is nothing that beats your friends piled around a table, you creating a simple (or fussy) masterpiece to plonk in front of them and sitting back and letting the conversation ebb and flow helped along with copious amounts of vino (another passion of mine that)! Its corny but food brings people together and I cook with a lot of soul and a lot of love.... i also think i over use the word "love" if this post is anything to go for.... 
I get inspiration from everywhere and all manner if cooks and chefs (my bookshelf is straining under the weight of over 50 cookbooks) but at the same time I'm pretty instinctive as i think anyone who works a lot with food is... so this blog is to share some of my recipes with you and open up my kitchen doors and share a bit of my life and food..... I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone else on the way!
Ive never blogged before so forgive me for any errors, bare with me a bit. And please forgive me for my horrendous spelling and my over use of exclamation marks!
So I'll be found in the kitchen, in the red shoes
Bon Appetit!

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