Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sunday Walk #2 - London (Thames barrier to Greenwich)

 There are many times that I count my blessings that I live so close to the best capital city in the world, London. Sunday was one of those days. As a shake up in our ordinary routine we decided to do a walk along the Thames. It was a beautiful day and an interesting and exciting walk. Seeing so much of beautiful London Town made my heart happy.
The Thames Barrier
The view ahead of us - Canary Warf in the distance

We started at the Thames Barrier - lots of people think its really ugly but I think it looks pretty cool and it stops London from getting flooded so it's a really important piece of engineering as well. The water looks pretty ugly and brown but apparently The Thames is the cleanest river in Europe and has around 56 species of fish living in it (50 years ago there were none)

 We walked past the O2 and that bought back memories of when we went to see Fleetwood Mac a few months ago.


We walked for 4 1/2 miles until we got to one of my favourite places in London....... Greenwich. Its a great place to go, especially on a Sunday as it's really busy and has a great vibe

Greenwich is also where they filmed a lot of Les Miserables (fun fact)!

There where lots of signs that the river was really high due to all the recent rain. These are the Royal .Steps, usually you can walk down these but the tide completely covered them. These were the Royals own special steps to get to the huge Naval Collage that is situated in Greenwich.

The very impressive Cutty Sark. I love this boat and I always get that "British Pride" thing when I see it, Its a beautiful ship.

We then wandered around the market which is full of lovely street food stands, vintage clothes shops and some funky other stalls, its a great place to be.

We then got the river boat back down the river - I loved getting the boat, it goes so smooth and its nice to sit back and relax. Te boat took us down to Woolwich and so we then had to walk back up the river to the Thames barrier - another two miles or so. It was dark by then so we walked beside the river and saw lots of beautiful lights.

The walk took us all afternoon but then again we stopped in Greenwich and had to wait for boats etc. I think we were both surprised at how quickly we could walk a mile when it was on a flat surface. I loved this walk and we're looking forward to doing some more of the Thames walks later on in the year. 

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