Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunday Walk #1: Hever

There is something comforting about routine. Routine can also be boring. In my world full of change and uncertainty, I enjoy the routine of our Sunday hikes. The months have past and we do longer more tricky hikes now, and every minute is happy for me (except when we are at the bottom of a hill and I know a-bit-of-an-out-of-breath struggle is ahead). Being in the beautiful Kent countryside, having the fresh air and enjoying feeling my body respond so positively to the exercise it is getting makes me grateful for where I live and what we have access too. I also treasure the time with my beau, no distractions, just the two of us; him often a few paces ahead and me taking some photos. At times we are having in depth discussions, there are often moments of silence and peace. Sometimes we get lost, but we always find our way home.

One of the beautiful villages we walked past (once we'd finished hiking through woods and fields)
Yesterday we walked in Hever, famous for the castle where Anne Boleyn and Henry 8th met and started an odd sort of courtship. Reminds me that I should really watch the film again, historically inaccurate but Natalie Portman is great in it. We didn't look round the castle, it was closed and I looked around it a long time ago when I was at school and supposed to be doing a project.

Random discovery on our walk - A British institution

We walked about 6 miles in about 2 1/2 hours through a lot of mud. Every walk we go on is muddy at this time of year, thank goodness for a Christmas present of walking boots, the boy knows me so well. Makes me love so much.

On we walked and at the end was a historical pub, and a soda water and a bowl of warming soup next to a roaring fire.  

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