Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Jumbled thoughts

This little space of mine on the Internet has been a bit neglected many times do I seem to have written that?  Life has been a bit manic recently;  job hunting,  moving house, managing to land what I think is my dream job, first crazy busy week at work, getting used to commuting, Grams' 80th birthday celebrations, Dad's birthday, every weekend being filled up weeks in advance, the small snipes with my beau as we struggle to have quality time and miss each other...... the list is exhaustive. "I'm so time poor"  is the phrase most commonly used in my life right now.
But through it all, there is this overwhelming sense of peace and of happiness. I am incredibly blessed that after a couple of difficult months where I've found overcoming my situations tough, I have this feeling that everything in my life is as it should be. Of a sort of inner peace.  I think its taken me almost 28 years to get here but then whose counting? I think I've learnt that whilst some things just fall in to place, other things you have to really work at to get it right. Sometimes you have to take risks and it's not easy but when you do get to the other side it's the most rewarding thing. I'm no expert, I'm just over sharing.
Its my birthday next Monday and that beloved man of mine is whisking me away this weekend. My birthday treat. My love. He could take me to the grottiest place on earth and I wouldn't care, I'd just be happy to be there with him. I hope he doesn't test me on that theory though. I'd like to be by the sea, I'd prefer that sea to be the sea by Whitstable, Whistable has my heart.  
Just a few thoughts. Some recipes soon. I promise

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