Friday, 28 March 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up for the first time with Christina, Darci, April, and Natasha for my Five on Friday! You should too!
This week has been crazy busy, I'm really pleased that I should be able to have a lie in tomorrow....



Have been having Pret Soup's almost everyday this week - Great for the taste buds, bad for the wallet. Thai Chicken is my favourite and whats great is they are a low calorie but filling lunch. Must get back into making packed lunches next week though, maybe I'll even make some soup......



When browsing for some birthday cards I came across this wonderful necklace - this is just the pendant part of the necklace it comes on this really nice double chain. Its not my usual type of thing but when I saw it I had to get it as it has a Bumble Bee and I like anything that has something to do with my nickname. Hultquist are also a really amazing company and I love their things, can't wait to purchase some more. Check them out here 


Bored. Totally bored of reading about these two. He should just be relieved that he can now have a burger in peace whilst writing pretentious songs and she just needs to stop restricting, eat some ice cream, shut down the craziness that is called GOOP and stop trying to act, because in my humble opinion she can't. Don't hate me its just my opinion.
For the record I did use to love Coldplay when they first arrived on the British music scene but their material just seems to get steadfastly worse.


The man has specifically requested my Buffalo Chicken Wings for dinner tonight - don't blame him they are lush. Check out the recipe here  they taste great AND you don't have to fry them #bonus


This week has been tough in places. But I am thankful, as always, that I face the world as a "we" now. Team Hachael all the way.

Enjoy the weekend lovelies

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