Friday, 18 July 2014

Things I am grateful for {Oh Hey Friday}

Linking up again for Oh Hey Friday! I loved it last week and so I'm sure that I will love again today! Thanks everyone who stopped by last time I've loved connecting with new blogs through this link up, hats off The Farmers Wife and September Farm. This Friday I've decided to focus on 5 things that I am grateful for; 


Face pack Thursdays with my housemate: We have a whole skincare routine, we eat yummy food (this week was Turkey chilli), watch Masterchef, talk a lot and drink a glass of wine and lots of Spa water. I'm often at my Man's house these days so I love coming together and having this time with the other important man in my life!


Horse Guard's Parade 

Nelson's Column - and lots of London traffic!

One day I'll remember to look and see who this dud actually is!

My beautiful walk to work: in the most beautiful city in the world (biased I know)



Cherry Tomatoes

The fruits of my labour: My herbs and plants have been thriving for a while but this week both my tomatoes and my chillies started to grow. Excited was an understatement. I love growing food its so fulfilling and means I don't even mind the weeding. In not so good news I seem to have too many snails, caterpillars and slugs trying to eat my produce - any ideas on how to prevent this?


No doubt we'll look something like this! (Source)

Weekend plans: That include gardening, picnic and a music festival with friends - keep your fingers crossed for sunshine!


So dang cute I try and eat him

A year of my love: My Handsome Man and I have reached one year together this weekend. And despite tough situations that life threw at us (the least of it being a 19 year age gap) falling in love with him was simple and this year has been easy and so so full of happiness and love. Easily the best year of my life. I'm grateful for many things in my life but he, he is top of the list every time.  

Enjoy the weekend lovelies


  1. Those are all definitely things to be thankful for. I'm am so jealous of your walk to work!!!

    1. I know I'm very lucky! Always something interesting to see or something going on in London