Friday, 11 July 2014

Getting Green Fingers {Oh Hey Friday!}

Linking up for the first time with for Oh Hey Friday! I love reading what everyone's into at the moment.... here's mine and this week I've done quite a random one about what I've been loving this week, but I like the idea of choosing a different theme each Friday! Great Idea Karli from September Farm and The Farmer's Wife, can't wait to link up with you all: 


Been really into my salads this week - so quick and easy to prepare when I come home from a busy day at work.... My favourite one this week was a mackerel, beetroot, egg and tomato salad with gem lettuce and red onion. I sprinkled a bit of balsamic dressing on it and it tasted great. Salad for the win!


Feeling proud about actually getting my lazy bum in gear and posting two recipes this week. Both interesting healthy meal ideas. Find them here and here - Give them a go!


Loving all the hard work we have put into our garden - it's starting to get to where I want it to be - although i really need to crack on with some weeding this weekend. My tomatoes and chillies are just starting to look like they are ready to sprout and I never thought it would get me so excited!


Talking of gardens my biggest success so far has to be my herbs! I followed a tutorial from the lovely Rachel at Tryingforsighs blog for making a hanging herb garden! Great idea, I love how it looks and no nasty foxes can reach them to eat!


My beloved has his guitar exams this weekend and he is starting his first guitar teaching job soon. I am a guitar widow. But he's so talented so keep your fingers crossed for him!

Enjoy the weekend lovelies


  1. The hanging herb garden is SUCH a great idea! I just may have to try that.

    1. Thanks Cortney - They really are really simple to make, I am just collecting the cans so I can have another one!

  2. Your garden looks so pretty! I love everything about it, and the pots turned out great! Stopping by from the link up and happy to be your newest follower!

    I'm hosting a giveaway too, for a Marlowe Mini, so come enter!

    1. Ah thank you so much and thanks for the follow! It's a great link up isn't it?

      Looking forward to heading over to your blog and checking out the giveaway - looks great!

      Rach x