Friday, 1 August 2014

TFI Friday {Oh Hey Friday}

This week has been loooonnnnnng, I'm so thankful it's Friday!


Me and the blushing bride-to-be 

Think I'm still tired from the Hen Party Mayhem! What fun it was though..... my Chief Bridesmaid duties have really started kicking in at the moment I've been purchasing garters, designing labels for the favour jars, went underwear shopping with the bride and tomorrow I am spending the whole day making  the favours! Still should be fun... can't believe in less than a week one of my eldest and dearest friend is getting married. 


Vino, candles and Olives - Perfect!

After a long day at work yesterday it was so lovely to come home and have a glass of wine in the garden with some good friends - I love the warm, balmy summer evenings we have been getting recently although I kindda need a bit of a breeze during the day!


Snail Mail for the Win! My wonderful friend from uni Fliss moved to Oz seven years ago and I miss her everso much! We have always caught up through Skype and Facebook but recently we have started writing to each other as well.  I had forgotten just how lovely it is to receive post. Got such a buzz reading her letter on the train this morning and I'm going to hopefully send her a little parcel for my reply... What are your feelings on writing letters?


Just too good

Five Guys has made it to the UK. We stopped by for a burger and my favourite drink from the US - Pink Lemonade. And wow, what an experience and what great burgers - America should have shared it with us sooner! Now I just need Target. 


Oh Hey Roomie!

And to the big news of the week...... by the end of the month this cutie and myself will be cohabiting together! Yes, we have made the big decision to move my stuff in officially.... trouble is I'm not sure he actually realises just how much stuff I have! Any tips on how to not kill each other are welcome and probably needed.

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