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Wednesday Winners..... {5 best places to eat in Whitstable, Kent}

Maybe I'll do this every week; maybe I'll get bored of it. Who knows?  I talk about Whitstable a lot on this blog (here, here) which is because it is my happy, safe place. One of the places where my soul is joyful as soon as I get there. Where I feel soothed and rested. Where I eat the simplest but most delicious locally sourced food. Where people smile more and I become more engaged in life. Yes Whitstable is my safe haven.

It's also a foodies dream and today I am offering my five best places to eat while you are visiting this little Kentish seaside town:

The Sportsman 


I wrote a full review of The Sportsman here and my oh my the food here is out of this world. They take really simple, fresh, local ingredients and make food that is so exquisite you just smile the whole way through the meal. The place is nothing fancy from the outside and none of the tables match inside, but I love that. For a Michelin starred restaurant it is totally unpretentious and just focuses on the food which makes it my kind of place. I would recommend you go for the tasting menu which although isn't cheap (£65 per person) it is a bargain for the amount of courses you get and the high quality of it. The Prosecco is the perfect accompaniment. I never wanted to leave. 



Picking a favourite between Wheelers and The Sportsman is like asking me which of my babies i love best (if I had two babies) I love them both equally although they are different. Wheelers is tiny; they have 12 covers and do just 5 sittings a day and you have to book. And it gets so booked up - I have learnt that if you want a table at the weekend you need to call up on the day they release the tables (2 months beforehand on the first day of the month) although you have more of a chance of you are looking for a weekday. The food is predominately seafood and they are famous for their oysters which are divine. And their lobster lasagna is one of the most complex but beautiful things I have ever eaten. I love their spider crab dish and that's often what I will go for to start and remember to save room for pudding, because their puddings are something really really special. Oh and did I mention it's BYOB? Hence the Champagne in the picture - it helps keep the price down. So ignore the fact this place looks like your Granny's parlour and enjoy some of the best food.

Wheelers Website 

Oysters at the Harbour 

One of our favourite things to do is go down to the harbour and eat the fresh oysters whilst watching the world go by. It isn't fancy and the tables are a bit wonky but the oysters are the freshest and most flavoursome and only around 50p each which is a bargain. Take a look at the wonderful fish markets whilst you are there!

V.C. Jones 

Ah the age old British tradition of fish and chips. It's not my favourite food but when in Whitstable we do love to get some VC Jones fish and chips, wrapped in paper and take them to eat on the sea wall, watching the waves and crunching on salty vinegary morsels. Nothing quite like it especially after a 18 mile bike ride!

V.C. Jones Website

The Forge  

Source: Trip Advisor

Literally a little shack on the beach which sells very reasonably priced lobster and chips which you can wash down with local beer and finish with some of their amazing doughnuts! I love sitting in their deckchairs and watching the world go by. It's kind of what you spend a lot of time in Whitstable doing.... .eating seafood and watching the world go by...... 

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