Monday, 11 August 2014

Today is my Thursday

Does that make sense? As in I am only in work for two days this week (Bonus)! I have Maid of Honor duties on Wednesday (setting up, cooking the bride her last single girl dinner) and then the wedding on Thursday! Then it's mini break time - H and I are taking his daughters away for the weekend. New experience for me - I get on really really well with his girls but this will be the longest time we've all spent together. Wish me luck!

This weekend was great, we spent lots of time with family and friends and yesterday I hosted a lovely little dinner party - all the food was photographed for my first magazine spread which is really exciting. It was lovely to use the opportunity to see some good friend's of ours who bought along their little baby who is just the sweetest thing.... this photo makes my heart melt (sorry its not great quality).

I'll hopefully be adding some new recipes this week! Don't forget you can follow me on twitter- @GITKK! 

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