Thursday, 30 October 2014

Blogtober Day 30: Facts about me

I love rain and thunderstorms and puddles, I like to be cold so living in the UK makes perfect sense for me

I am the worlds silliest and craziest dancer i look really mad but I love it and I love making people laugh when I'm dancing

My siblings are my world and I would honestly do anything for them, I love them so much and our bond is so special 

There is a  19 years and 7 month age gap between me and my love

 I am pretty photogenic but also maybe just a little bit vain

I tell my sister jenni everything even though i probably shouldn't- I've probably put her of men for life 

I still feel like a completely geeky, gawky, clumsy young girl 

I always have tomato ketchup sachets and a tube of english mustard in my handbag 

Recently I became a published food writer which was a dream come true. In the future I would like this to be my full time career 

 I am incredibly loyal and would do anything for my friends and family, even if I haven't spoken to you in ages I would drop anything to help a friend out 

One of my greatest achievements was getting my first and no matter what people say no one can take that away from me 

 Although i have been really hurt I would never change a second of any of the experiences I've had in life- they have made me who I am, be that a good or bad thing 

 I have a few close friends- they know who they are and without them i would be lost 

I love champagne and Prosecco they are my favourite thing ever 

I love cooking, I love going out for meals, I love flavours, I love menus, I love food full stop 

I am incredibly honest and very open about things, I like to think that this is why I'm quite good at giving advice 

I always have my phone on silent even though it drives my friends and H batty 

Sometimes I get so happy and excited about life I really want to walk along the streets dancing and singing 

I talk to myself ALL THE TIME its really embarrassing but Its one of the reasons I'm quirky

When I was younger I used to always look for drama in life, now I actively don't- life's complicated enough!


  1. That's so cute about your siblings :) I can imagine It's amazing to have such a close bond. Also I always talk to myself! Mostly if I'm on my own though ;P

    1. I know I really need to get out of the habit of talking to myself in the supermarket!

  2. Hi fellow May-December girl! So lovely to meet you!! Thanks for leaving such wonderful comments on my blog, I'm so glad you found me. It's always great to meet other unconventional couples, and I sure need some inspiration with my cooking - I think I have come to the right place!
    xo Miriam

    1. So lovely to meet you too! I look forward to following along!

  3. crazy dancing always makes me think of elaine from seinfeld.

    also - hurrah to big age differences!! :)