Wednesday, 22 October 2014

To soothe away the sniffles....... {Elderberry Cough and Cold Syrup}

I have become quite attached to alternative remedies recently, I'm not entirely sure why but I just like the knowledge that I am not pumping my body full of unnatural chemicals. I came across elderberry syrup a while back and decided to make some of my own and it seems to be working for us. I firmly believe that better eating habits, juicing, alternative remedies and exercise are keeping H and I happy and healthy through this change of seasons whilst those around us suffer from coughs and colds. Two spoonfuls of this medicine every morning and we're fit and rearing to go - with the exception of Monday mornings of course....

Elderberry Cough and Cold Syrup

Recipe adapted from Holistic Squid Website

150g dried elderberries, I found them here
800ml filtered water
couple of thumb sized pieces of fresh ginger, grated 
1 TBSP cinnamon 
1 TSP cloves
250ml honey, raw is best but I used local blossom honey as it also helps with allergies in the lead up to Spring

put all the ingredient except the honey in a pan and bring to boil. turn down and simmer for an hour until liquid has reduced by half. take of heat and strain through muslin  /sieve. Allow the liquid to cool until it is warm and then stir in the honey. Transfer to bottle / jar and keep in fridge where it can be stored for 4-6 weeks

*** Disclaimer: I am in no way an qualified alternative medicine practitioner I am just sharing with you what works for my family of  two***

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