Friday, 2 January 2015

2014..... you've been an "ok" one

Hello 2015.... didn't you just sneak up on us all. Christmas has been wonderful although I am slightly distressed that it is Friday and work begins again on Monday *sigh*. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We ate a lot, indulged a lot, spent time with friends and family and actually got to relax. It was great.

2014 was a real mix of a year. I moved three times, eventually moving in with H. It's great but sharing your living space with the one you love is not the easiest - I'm a bit too messy and he never puts the lid on the milk. Still........ there's nowhere I'd rather be.

Friends seem to be more settled this year. Many have moved into new houses, moved to new towns, even new countries. They've had babies, announced pregnancies and asked me to be a godmother. There's been a couple of weddings, an engagement or two, a couple of funerals and a divorce. The divorce is a funny one for me as I still think that I'm too young to have friends getting divorced but that is life and sometimes you realise that two people who once loved each other very much, simply don't any more and the kindest thing they can do is call it quits and the kindest thing you can do as a friend is to just be there for both of them. Friendships change and develop or sometimes they have drifted away a bit. Before this would have really upset me but I get older I understand more that everyone has different priorities in life and some friendships last the distance and some don't. That doesn't mean you've fallen out or started hating them it's just that  as life changes and evolves so do your friendships.

We had a few holidays, just in the UK. A couple in Whitstable (of course), Norfolk and Yorkshire. Here's to some abroad in 2015!

My career changed this year and it has pushed me and challenged me in ways I have never experienced but oh how I miss the food industry. However my new role has led to me getting my own food pages in a magazine which is such an amazing experience. I work with some amazing people as well and have made some lovely friends. It's good. Not what I want to do forever but it is fine for now. 

I fell more in love with H this year. Our relationship grows as we are together longer and we are no longer in the first flush of love but I prefer this side more. Yup we may sometimes bicker but we know each other so much better, we understand each other more and know how to make one another laugh. I'm pleased to have him next to me as we go into 2015. I've never loved anyone more. 

We lost H's sister in 2014 which was devastating. Strange phrase that - "we lost her", when you don't loose them, they die, you can't find them again. She was ill for the shortest time, a brain tumour, and It rocked our family's world, shocked us to our core and the loss of a such a vibrant, fun, big hearted woman is something we feel every single day. It's not something I talked about on my blog as grief is a very private thing and it's not really my grief to claim; she leaves behind two sets of parents, never expecting to have to deal with the death of their child, a husband and two beautiful, talented children and three adoring brothers.  What I will say is that it was a privilege to have known her, even for such a short time, I'm glad she approved so vocally of me, I'm glad we had some amazing chats before she left and I mourn the sister I would have gained. 

So 2014 was an "ok" one. Highs and lows, as there will always be in life. I am so lucky ad so blessed and I try to remember this at all times, even when I'm feeling a bit down on life or when I'm a bit tired and fed up. I'm excited for 2015 - I think it's going to be a good one!


  1. I'm very sorry for your loss Rachael. It's so hard losing loved ones, and even more horrible when they were young. It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship, and I'm glad you have such fond memories of your sister-in-law!
    I'm also so happy for your relationship! As you know, me and my husband have a large age difference as well, but it has not prevented us from being deeply in love with each other. If anything, we are more conscious of the limited time we may have together, and try to enjoy every moment we spend in each other's company.
    Thanks so much for linking up, and happy 2015!

    1. Thank you so much Miriam - what lovely words! Lovely fond memories indeed and it does help ease the pain and means we have lots of funny stories to remember when we talk about her.
      I think you make a really valid point - I don't like to think about it too much (and to be fair H is actually much healthier than me) but it is always at the back of our mind that we will prehaps have a bit less time together then some couples - maybe this makes us more determind to appreciate one another and value our time together?! Interesting concept! Hey maybe there's a post there!

  2. sorry for your lose amd i so agree we don't lose them , it should be I had a friend/sister/parent stolen from me this year, that is more appropriate.

    1. Thank you - stolen is indeed a much more appropriate word.