Tuesday, 27 January 2015

healthy Weekday Meal #4 ............{Halloumi with cous cous and kale}

A hit is how I describe this dish. Went down very well in our household and H appreciated the extra protein in the form of chorizo in his version. I didn't miss the chorizo and found this dish really nice and filling. Its  very quick and easy to make which makes it perfect for an evening meal after a long day at work and you could also substitute the couscous for quinona if you so wish, it works just as well.  

Halloumi with Cous Cous and Kale

block of halloumi cut into slices 
around 50g of chorizo, sliced  *OPTIONAL*
50g couscous, made according to instructions (i make mine with stock)
good few handfuls kale, as much as you like!
mustard vinaigrette - i make mine - few glugs of OO, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, 1 clove garlic chopped, 1 tbsp mustard (Dijon or wholegrain) a squeeze of lemon juice and some S&P all shaken up together. but use shop bought if you want 

steam your kale for just a few minutes until the leaves have gone slightly darker but it's not soggy. drain and let cool down slightly. take a pan, if you are cooking the chorizo add them to the pan and cook off for a 5 or so minutes then remove them from the pan. add in the halloumi and then cook that, turning occasionally - if you have used the chorizo then it will just cook in the oils released if not add a tiny bit of oil to the pan. toss the kale, cous cous and a bit of dressing together and place in pan. add the halloumi and chorizo to the top and serve. 

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  1. I love kale and hallumi so will try this out! #tastytuesdays

  2. I hope you enjoy it! It really does taste great!

  3. Love halloumi but never tried kale must see if I can sneak it past the husband!

  4. Halloumi is one of those things I keep reading about but have never got round to trying. This looks really tasty so I must give it a go

  5. This looks so delicious. I love halloumi and chorizo but funnily enough I don't think I have ever eaten them together. Brilliant idea!

  6. I love hallumi (obviously)-fab dish! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays