Monday, 19 January 2015

The best plan is no plan....... {Unplanned tapas}

"sometimes the best plan is no plan" 

H says this to me a lot. He hates plans he likes taking things as they come where as I'm probably the exact opposite. But then opposites attract. We went round to my friends Pete and Charlotte's yesterday and the plan was just to chill out and play a few board games (dry January strikes again) and Char was going to dye my hair. Instead it was her sister in laws birthday and her family were round as well and we ended up dancing in the kitchen with utensils as microphones (and yes, this was all not fuelled with alcohol although others present may have been a bit tipsy). 

Charlotte and I decided to feed people because that's what we like to do so after raiding the fridge and freezer a table of tapas was produced. There was paprika chicken with peppers and hallomi, chilli and garlic prawns, chorizo in red wine and an amazing salad with avocado, roasted tomato and parma ham. All made from scratch and   And what a table it was. I am proud of our table it fuelled even more dancing, laughter and lots of love. Food does that - enhances an already great evening.

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