Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Oh Bank holiday, how I love thee

Day 28 of "Blog everyday in May" and I know that I've been rubbish and missed loads but life has been strange recently and a bit complicated... things will figure themselves out I know. I'm practising patience. So today's prompt is "Just pictures". So here is my Bank holiday weekend (my how I love an extra day  off) in just pictures..... Enjoy (I certainly did)

Friday evening shift at pub, shots it is...

I find doing my nails on the train highly effective!
Listening to some amazing Jazz and Delta Blues at Jamboree - coolest jazz club in London

Tadah! My wonderful weekend 


  1. That recipe looks delicious! I love anything with salmon.


    1. Thanks Mel

      Im hoping to work on a salmon recipe tonight and hope to post it in the next couple of days so please do check back and have a look!

      Thanks for stopping by - i look forward to exploring your blog