Friday, 17 May 2013


Day 17: Favourite photo of yourself and why?

I'm not gonna lie or dress it up for you - I am a complete whore poser when a camera is around. I'm one of these horrible people who is aware of the camera and I'm always ready to strike a pose. Don't judge me its one of the few talents I have.

So its hard for me to pick a favourite but this was taken on my most recent birthday:

A balloon, Charlotte and Me

I love this because its me and one of my best friends and we love each other, and we're having a great night and we are so excited cos we knew in a couple of days we would be heading of to LA (a whole other story).  Chars had a rough old ride this year so the fact she looks so happy makes my heart pleased. It was an amazing birthday filled with lots of laughter, friends and love but this night, my party, was the highlight. I loved it and this photo perfectly captures the love! 

In other news, the pub where I work has a new puppy!

 Everyone meet Scrumpy, isn't she just too cute!


  1. Cute puppy! :D I am the complete opposite :o while I like taking pictures, I need to take at least 54 to find one that I like :o

    1. Ah I wish I was that un-vain but I am terrible

      Thanks for drawing my attention to your blog - looks great

  2. What an adorable little puppy! She's gorgeous :)

    1. Isnt she just! I adore her and she goes a bit crazy with love when she see's her "Aunty Rachael" its really sweet!