Monday, 13 May 2013

My Big Fat Monday Apology

So today we have to apologise..... here I go

To my liver

I apologise for the copious amount of alcohol I consumed this weekend and I apologise in advance for the amount I am due to consume this month with all that I have going on. I promise June will be a “dry” month.

To my feet

I apologise for wearing stupid heels for a long period of time on Saturday night, I’m sorry you’re still feeling sore today.

To my hair

I apologise you haven’t had a cut for months and that your colour is so faded your back to being mousey

To my Dad

I apologise for sometimes being a bit of an embarrassing daughter

To my sisters

I apologise for always being so honest with you, I have probably put you off men for life

To my friends

I apologise for not always having enough time. And for my dance moves.

To the watermelon on my desk

I apologise for not taking you home. I keep forgetting.

Love Rachael

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