Friday, 3 May 2013

Well this is kind of awkward.

Well this is a bit more thought provoking then telling you how to make a gin and tonic….

On with blog every day in May and today' s prompt is: What makes me uncomfortable?

1) I’m naturally a poindexter, rooms full of people looking like this make me uncomfortable
"Yah we're models dahling"
I am never going to be one of those preened and perfect looking girls. I admire them for putting so much time and effort in to looking so polished but it’s just not me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll make an effort, sometimes I’ll even put on fake eyelashes but that doesn’t stop me feeling so awkward in rooms full of beautiful, perfectly put together people, It just makes me feel sad and yes, uncomfortable.

2) Talking to a man
If Mr Lewis here tried to talk to me, It would be the most uncomfortable conversation ever
No really……

Except I guess I should clarify that I only feel uncomfortable when I’m trying to talk to a guy I like or who I find really attractive. I just say really stupid stuff and then I'm cringing so much I don’t hear there response and then I look even worse cos I’m the girl who makes stupid comments AND doesn’t listen. It’s sad. And probably the reason why I’ve been single for so long

3) Taking a really good long look at myself in the mirror
My how you need a haircut said the Mirror
This is kind of metaphorical. I think when you take a moment to actually evaluate yourself, your actions, your attitude, it can be really uncomfortable. I try and live by a set of rules that makes me a honest, hardworking, generous and kind person, a good friend, a loving daughter and a special sister;  but so often I fall short of my own expectations of myself and I always feel like I fall short of other people’s expectations of me. It’s also uncomfortable that whilst taking that look at myself I realise just how long it’s been since I had a haircut  

4) People chewing with their mouths open
I need this t-shirt in my life, I'd wear it often
This makes me uncomfortable because it infuriates me so much I want to shout at them to stop! It’s rude, it’s disgusting – don’t do it. No one wants to see what is in your mouth - it’s just uncomfortable for everyone else. Stop now.

5) People holding on to that hug for too long

Hug me for a maximum of 3 seconds, any longer and I’m getting way too uncomfortable, also if I’ve not held my arms open for said hug then just don’t even try it… it would just be uncomfortable for both of us.

To be fair there are other things that make me feel uncomfortable but sometimes I think its best to stop at 5 - although if I'm honest odd numbers make me very uncomfortable - go figure!

What makes you uncomfortable?

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