Monday, 20 May 2013

Just getting real!

So I skipped a couple of days on blog every day in May. One because this weekend has been crazy and whilst I like blogging about my life I refuse to stop living it in order to write it all down! Two the prompts just didn’t inspire me at all. Cop out much

To be honest I almost skipped today’s as well; “Get Real, something you’re struggling with right now”

Jeez really?! Isn’t life a struggle in general? – work, office politics, relationships with family and friends, organising two hen do’s, money, long hours, lack of sleep……

So yeah life is a struggle but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun and brings me so much happiness and joy. And no matter how much of a struggle I think it can be, there are so may people fighting much harder battles so I am not going to complain about my lot in life – I know how lucky I am.

And that, my friends is all I really have to say on the subject. Just getting real.

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