Friday, 10 May 2013

Jeez, you're soooooo silly

Day 10 in the Blog every day in May challenge! Wow who’d have thought I’d still be going? I adore having comments and it’s so lovely to read them and get some feedback on my recipes! At the end of the day that was the reason I started the blog...

So today we’re talking embarrassing moments, or specifically your most embarrassing moment

And to be honest this is so easy for me as my life is just one long embarrassing moment….

I’m the girl who talks to herself when she’s doing her food shopping
I’m the girl who goes bright red when she talks to someone she find attractive
I’m the girl who laughs way too loudly then realises everyone is else is staring
I’m the girl who goes out with toothpaste round her lips and doesn’t realise until a couple of hours later
I’m the girl who trips up steps (usually in front of a hot guy)
I’m the girl whose spaghetti sauce falls down her white shirt
I’m the girl who will give her opinion on a subject and then realise everyone was talking about that about 2 topics ago
I’m the girl who opens her water bottle and soaks everyone around her
I’m the girl with such crazy dance moves she can clear a dance floor
I’m the girl who doesn’t realise when a guy is trying to chat her up and so just end up babbling away about complete rubbish
I’m the girl who walks along the street listening to her i pod and then realises she’s singing along, out loud!

But I’m also the girl who can laugh at herself and realise that all these embarrassing moments are a part of me and I’m okay with that, and at least life is never dull!

So what’s your most embarrassing moment?


  1. At least you can laugh at yourself and not let it bring you down! That's all i can do, too, really. Just laugh at my silliness. :)

  2. I was always taught if you cant laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at! Life is funny :)