Thursday, 30 May 2013

Scrub in the tub - recipe for the skin

A girl has to exfoliate. Fact
Body scrubs are expensive, between £5 - £8 a pot. Fact
Making your own is really easy. Fact

My skin gets hungry for moisture, it can get very dry and it’s not fun. I have always been a bit of an exfoliating queen in order to achieve lovely soft skin. I love using sugar scrubs (especially the soap and glory ones) to achieve silky soft features but man are they expensive especially when you use lots in one sitting (greedy me).

Therefore clever ole me decided to create my own, which looking through reams and reams of suggestions on the internet turned out to be a pretty damn good idea. Points to me. I already have ideas for other mixtures I can make (it’s all a bit Georges Marvellous medicine in my world) and friends putting in orders for me to make them some.  Seriously I am never going back to buying scrubs cos my skin is even smoother using these homemade, natural versions! I’m raving now, but seriously just like my Buffalo wings, there are some things worth raving about!

Sweet and salty

200g Brown Sugar
200g Salt (I used Cornish sea salt)
¾ cup Coconut Oil (I warmed it in the microwave so it was pourable)
1 TBSP vanilla paste
2 TBSP fresh lemon juice

All I did was mix the dry ingredients in the jar and then pour the wet ingredients on and give it a mix. Simples!
This is probably my favourite as it makes my skin so soft and I love the smell of coconut

Brown Sugar and Avocado

Eating avocado is great for your skin so why not just rub it in?!

300g Brown Sugar
40g Granulated Sugar
100ml – 150ml Avocado Oil
1TBSP vanilla paste

Just add it all together and give it a mix! Perfect!

With these scrubs you can mix them up a bit – for example Olive Oil works well. Instead of vanilla you could use an essential oil. Orange instead of lemon. Play around and enjoy it! You’ll never go back to the shop bought stuff again…

PS if you like to fake tan (ain’t no judgement here), please exfoliate first to avoid patchy skin!!

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