Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hump Day

Day 15 of blogging and we're halfway through the "blog every day in May challenge"
Its also Hump Day cos its Wednesday
Here's my day in pictures - it was a busy day so I apologise for the lack of words I'm just so sleepy writing this post....
7am: Up and showered, getting ready for work. I apologise for the lack of make up

8am and I'm walking to work - the sun was shining (this didn't last). I usually get to the office at about 8.30am

9am: Breakfast at desk - coffee and yogurt
10.30am I receive a call from Clarins and I finally get round to booking the massage that C & P bought me for Christmas - something to look forward to in a couple of weeks
11.30am: I take a short break from market analysis and catch up on some blogs (just for 10 minutes or so)! Here I am commenting on Rachel's blog (she has the best name)
1pm: Best time of the day!! Lunch time with my lunch bunch. Today I have the strangest lunch as I was so disorganised this morning! Minestrone soup then a salad with cucumber, avocado and hot smoked salmon. Washed down with lemon spa water. Told you it was odd
2pm: Having a little freshen up after lunch (I'm rubbish at taking selfies) then its back to work work work
3.30pm(ish): My favourite supplier calls, I think about screening the call as he keeps on saying he's sent me samples of pens but they never turn up. He also told me once he would send me pop tarts, they never turned up and i was sad. I decide to answer despite this and we chat for all of 2 minutes - I get the distinct impression he's too busy to listen to me chatter away. Despite all of this he is still my favourite and I dig his hoodie Fridays
6.30pm: After work I go to Bluewater to do some shopping, I race round the shops and after I relax over dinner in Wagamamas
7.30pm: After finishing dinner and a bit more shopping I have a yummy frozen yogurt - lush
8.30pm: Im on the bus home listening to some tunes
9pm: Home with all my loot although most of it are presents.
I lie the Forever 21 bits (wahoo for that American import, now all we need is Target and I'll be happy), the ritual shower foam and perfume and the nail varnish are all for me! Haha!
 I write the cards and wrap the presents.
10pm: Now I'm blogging and I'm tired and I shall read a bit and then hit the hay.
Gotta love hump day.
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  1. Replies
    1. Its all about you.... Poptarts for my trouble?!

  2. At least with hump day you know 1/2 the week is over! yay!

    1. Hi!
      Yup thats is the best thing about hump day! And by the evening you know you're over half way there!
      Hope you had a great hump day