Thursday, 23 May 2013

Listen up kiddos!

Day 23: Things they don’t teach you in school (and should):

 I actually dressed up in school uniform for my 25th birthday. True story

1. Its really sucks but you have to budget, so that your outgoings are not more than your incomings. I could really rant about this. We spend hours and hours in school learning Maths and yet most people can’t budget, or save, or add up charges on credit cards. Its stupid, why not make maths relevant and teach us these things?!

2. When you are drunk, put your phone away. Don’t ever drunk text. Especially ex boyfriends (or that being said even current boyfriends). Just. Put. The. Phone. Away.
Have another drink instead.

3. It is possible totally possible to down a jagerbomb in 3 seconds flat. Once you have achieved this you have to slam the glass down on the bar hard. Them be the rules.

4. You can never fundamentally change a person, so just accept them for who they are. And if you don’t like who they are then don’t have them in your life, and certainly don’t date them!

5. All the stuff you worry about at school; your friendship groups, how you look, your grades etc, well you worry about the same stuff when you leave school but throw in a massive dose of RESPONSIBILITY. Enjoy these years when it’s ok to ask your parents for a fiver, you don’t get hangovers, when you have long holidays, when you don’t have bills to pay. Jeez I miss school

6. Fake eyelashes are not tacky and they make your eyes look amazing. Red nail polish is also not tacky.

7. Your siblings make the best friends.

8. Don’t create drama, cos one day the shit will hit the fan and you will have no control over it. Then you’ll wish for a calm and drama free life. So just leave the drama well alone, life is hard enough.

9. He’s your ex for a reason, there’s a reason he wasn’t lucky enough to make it into your future, a reason he’s in your past. 2nd time rounds don’t work, you are just wasting your time

10. You are responsible for yourself, you have to make stuff happen but you’ll never get to do it all. Find beauty in the small things in life. And always, always take your makeup of before bed

That’s all I got kids…..

Thing is at school you spend all day not listening so even if I had been told all this I probably would have paid zero attention!

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  1. I enjoyed your post. It made me laugh. I particularly agree with the budgeting.

    1. Thanks Rachel,

      It means so much to have encouraging comments!I read your post a saw you had written about that too! Great minds


  2. I love your list. Simple and to the point. Go out and make life happen

  3. Thanks Aleshea

    Im not always the best at following my own advice, but I try!